Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
Uses For Aloe Vera In Pet Health Care

Wide Range of Pet Health Ailments
Respond Positively to Aloe Vera Use

Aloe Vera products have been used by myself since 1992 to assist healing in farm animals. My uses for aloe vera on animals include skin disorders, infections, open wounds and abrasions. 

This webpage includes examples of my personal uses with aloe vera on my own animals...cows, calves, dogs and cats.

At first sign of injury or illness aloe vera is used either internally or topically or both together.

Aloe Vera in your
Pet Health Care First Aid Kit

A quality aloe vera first aid spray and a tube of gel/gelly are a good standby for small injuries, burns or bruises both for your pet and yourself.

It is important to always consult your health professional in the case of animal health care issues.

When your pet, or any animal, has been attended by a veterinarian or animal health professional aloe vera can have a role to play in speeding up the healing process. It is quite safe to use aloe vera along with the treatment prescribed.

Further down this page I relate two dog health problems where I used aloe vera - one included veterinarian treatment.

External and Internal Use of Aloe Vera
Assists Healing in Cows and Calves

The following are examples of health problems affecting cows and/or calves which have responded positively to aloe vera use.

  • gum ulceration
  • pulled muscles
  • arthritic joints due to navel infection at birth
  • sore teats
  • abscesses
  • ringworm
  • skin problems
  • wounds
Newborn calf

healthy cows
Cows unable to stand after calving are dosed with aloe vera twice daily until they recover.

Feeding Your Pet Well
Will Help to keep Him Healthy

Many animal health problems arise from inadequate, or poor quality feed. As with humans if the pet's diet consists only of processed food often containing colorants, chemicals or preservatives his health will suffer. Overcooked meat which has lost many nutrients won't add to his good health either.

I've even read where diseased meat unknowingly has been included in pet food. The poor old pet has to make do with what we humans give him even if he doesn't like it much or he has the same thing served up daily.

How I Overcame Dog Health Problems
By Improving Their Diet

My 14 year old dog, Jess, was very thin with a dry coat when I purchased her 11 years ago. The fact that she was hyperactive and unable to be controlled by her former owner meant her short life was due to be ended. I rescued her!

About the same time I had started using a pure dog food completely free of colorants, chemicals and preservatives. 

This is a free flow frozen product consisting of small pieces of different meats along with eggs, sesame seeds, mussels and other nutrients. (It is available only in New Zealand. If you live in Auckland or Northland email me for more information) I also give my dogs meaty bones to chew. Great for jaw, teeth and gum health.

Within 2 months Jess was a changed dog. Her coat was shiny, she had put on weight and athough she was still very active it wasn't uncontrollably so.

Years back my top Huntaway dog, Toss, died at age 10 riddled with cancer and although we don't know for certain I suspect he would have lived a healthy, longer life had I known more about healthy dog food.

How Aloe Vera Products 
Assisted Healing
with two Dog Health Problems

Case 1
Because my 4 farm dogs are very healthy I only use aloe vera internally on them should they experience injuries or have operations.

Mac recently was attacked by another dog resulting in a leg swelling, lameness and minor skin punctures. Aloe vera was given daily in his food as well as being applied to his wounds and rubbed onto his leg swelling.

Within 4 days all swelling and lameness had disappeared and the puncture wounds had healed well.

Case 2
Mac again...had an operation to remove what appeared to be a tumour in his neck. Some months before he had run into a rusty, jagged metal pipe and spiked himself in the neck. It appeared to heal but then a lump developed.

The operation resulted in a 10 cm incision which Mac re-opened the night after having the stitches removed! I immediately began internal use of aloe vera and several times daily sprayed the site with aloe to hasten healing. His healing was fast and he soon returned to farm duties with no sign of another lump developing.

Pet Health Questions Answered

Numerous in depth pet health care articles and guides provide answers to pet health questions. (These 2 sites have been included for their information on pet health and care issues - they are not aloe vera sites)

Site 1
This veterinary site is loaded with some of the best information on animal health issues and useful related information I've seen.

Not only is dog health care, cat health care and farm animal health care featured but there are comprehensive articles on other animals such as birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and goldfish.

Everything you need to know about pet age, weights, is all covered.

Plus excellent guides on subjects such as...

  • importing/exporting pets 
  • selecting a dog or cat 
  • teaching children how to handle pets
  • introducing cats and dogs to newborn babies.
Pet Health Questions Answered

Site 2
Prevention rather than cure with natural animal health.

Dr. Allen Schoen, veterinarian, practices natural animal health care.

Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS and Associates, LLC is a progressive innovative veterinary practice focused on providing compassionate quality, holistic, natural veterinary care for companion animals including...

  • horses 
  • dogs 
  • cats 
  • birds 
  • small ruminants 
Dr. Allen Schoen has been offering this approach since 1982 and is considered one of the pioneers in holistic medicine.

These 16 articles show how he practices natural animal health care.

Natural Animal Health Information

To Your Pet's Good Health!

Aloe vera in pet health care

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Eczema Treatments
Aloe vera helps eczema especially due to flea allergy. Treat the animal for fleas first though as eczema caused by a flea allergy is very common. Spray with aloe or use gelly several times daily. Dogs and cats usually lick it off but I figure some aloe gets absorbed and the rest gets into their system internally!

Calf Hair Loss
Calves occasionally lose hair along the middle of their back. Aloe vera encourages hair regrowth. Sometimes these hairless areas are prone to sunburn but this problem doesn't last for long due to the hair growing back quickly.
Use aloe vera to ease and heal sunburn.

New calves

Wound Care Management
Aloe Vera sprays and gelly are my first line of attack in wound care management. This morning a calf was found with wire wrapped tightly around its lower leg. The leg is swollen with an open wound. The calf is limping. I've sprayed the area and packed it with aloe vera gelly. I expect fast healing.

Jess(14) and son Mac(11)
uses for aloe vera in pet health care, dog health problems

Cat Health Improved
An elderly cat became arthritic in a front leg. After adding one half teaspoon of aloe vera to her food daily she began to use her leg more and her general health also improved. In fact, she lived 3 more years to reach her 20th birthday.

The cat that should never 
have walked
uses for aloe vera in pet health care, cat health problems

As a skinny, starved, wild kitten this cat was caught by a dog which injured its back. This resulted in paralysis of the back legs. Professional opinion was that it would never walk. With the help of aloe vera he now walks, runs and jumps.He limps a little still but he now is a hefty 6kg 7 year old!

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