Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
Genuine Certified Organic Skin Care Products
Will Feed Your Skin
Unadulterated Healthy Nutrients

Organic Certification is the Key
to Safe Non-Toxic Skincare

Certified organic skin care products are formulated using cold pressed certified organic plant oils, herbs, flowers and essential oils. Absolutely no synthetic chemicals or sub standard ingredients are permitted in organically certified skin care products. This removes allergic reactions many people experience when using uncertified products containing unhealthy and impure ingredients.

What Organic Certification Means

A commitment to a minimum of 3 years to ensure growing land and methods are completely organic. The entire process of organic product development is rigorously monitored, by the certifying body, beginning with the seed

  • grown in soil free of residual chemicals
  • harvested, stored, transported and processed according to the rigorous requirements of organic certifiers.
After 3 years, provided each stage is completed according to the international standards of the certifier then the finished product will display the certified organic logo. Producers are regularly monitored with both announced and unannounced visits. All documentation is kept.

"Organics" is a high growth industry worldwide. Unfortunately unethical companies are now looking for quick dollars by using the term 'organic' in their advertising. Their claims cannot be substantiated in most cases. All very confusing for consumers.

The tide is turning! Currently some big name cosmetic companies are being sued for incorrect use of the term 'organic.' More information here >>>

Why Skin Care Product Labels
Can Be Misleading

When a label lists "natural" or "organic" ingredients this does not mean the same as certified organic. There is NO authority governing the term "organic" on labels. It is not credible.

However, the internationally recognised certifying bodies do govern the use of the term certified organic.

This is your guarantee that businesses have complied with the organic certifiers recognized industry standards. If the product you are using claims to be organic but is not supported by the certifying body's logo it means absolutely nothing.

Even if a skincare product is advertised as containing say eg 67% organic ingredients - what evidence is presented to support this claim? Usually none.

Certified organic skin care products will have a list of beneficial ingredients on the label which are understandable. Every ingredient will be listed in the order of highest quantity first.

You won't see ingredients with strange names such as triethanolamine which appears on some skin care product labels. (This toxic ingredient can cause skin and respiratory allergies plus affect the immune system in some users.)

Skin and Personal Care Products
Certified Organic Since 2001
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A totally unique range of certified organic products. Organic certification guarantees 100% true to label. Every ingredient is listed. No hidden 1% chemical preservatives. Only high vitality, clean and potent plant extracts are used in these products.

Organically grown aloe vera is a major ingredient in 73% of these skin, hair, oral, personal care and cosmetic products.

All products are formulated using a cold bioactive method which ensures the nutrients are totally available - in other words, high heat hasn't rendered the ingredients useless.

Every ingredient in every product is beneficial. Absolutely no synthetic chemical preservatives or emulsifiers.

  • Certified Organic Skin Care Products - includes complete facial care range and travel size packs. Available in 4 skin profiles - Balancing, Rejuvenating, Soothing and Purifying
  • Certified Organic Hair Care Products - includes shampoos, conditioner, gels and hair repair. New 50 ml travel size hair care products.
  • Certified Organic Personal Care Products - includes body wash, deodorants and body cream
  • Certified Organic Oral Care Products - includes 3 toothpastes and mouthwash. Mint toothpaste now available in travel size.
  • Certified Organic Cosmetics includes foundation and mascara
  • Certified Organic Baby Care Products Brand new release July 15, 2008
Examples of what customers have found...
  • softer skin
  • reduced pores
  • red skin disappeared
  • skin remains soft and moisturized rather than dehydrated
  • skin irritations calmed down
  • deep wrinkles around eyes appear finer
  • refreshing mouthwash appeared to help bleeding gums
  • body wash doesn't irritate skin
  • puffiness around eyes lessened
Note: the above benefits were voluntarily submitted by customers and no guarantee is given that you will experience the same results.

More Information and Product Details

Over 100 products including some sachet samples and travel sizes. Fast courier delivery to your door. Free delivery when ordering over $100 with a nominal charge for smaller orders. 10-20% off retail after your first order.

To receive these benefits plus experience truly healthy skin food, with ALL ingredients listed, use this link to view/order -
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To Your Natural Beauty!

Certified organic skin care and cosmetics

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Certified Organic Skin Care
With aloe as main ingredient. Genuine certified organic skin care products will feed your skin unadulterated healthy nutrients.

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If it isn't certified organic by an authentic organic certifier you have no guarantee of product integrity.

Stop Press - May 08, 2008
Well known cosmetic companies, plus 2 certifiers, are being sued for misleading claims regarding their use of the term 'organic.' Read the following article.(Opens in a new window)
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps Sues Estee Lauder and Others Over "Organic Cheater" Labeling

Organic aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) is the main ingredient in 74 of the 108 certified organic skincare products in this range.

Aloe vera is healing, soothing and safe when grown organically and processed without chemical use. Aloe vera quality information here

Aloe Vera main ingredient in certified organic skin care
Most product ranges use water as their main ingredient. Creams which are water based need synthetic chemicals for stability.

How Advertising Can Be Confusing
Example of Product Advertising
"An aloe vera gel product with Vitamin E - soothes and nourishes."

Sounds wonderful, just what you are looking for! You are not told the main ingredient is water.

Out of 9 ingredients 6 have chemical names. Aloe Vera is 6th on the list meaning the quantity included is small and Vitamin E is last on the ingredient list giving the smallest content.

Is the Vitamin E in synthetic or natural form? If natural it could be rancid due to poor storage or it may have been extracted from its natural source using chemical solvents.

The above product is available online and nowhere are all the ingredients listed within the advertising.

Focussing on aloe vera and Vitamin E is confusing as to the integrity of this product.
Organic certification with the certifier's logo visible removes the confusion. (Note: the above product was not advertised as organic. I've used it as an example to illustrate the benefits of using certified organic products - RJC)

What is Organic?
Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMOs.

Organics are not just chemical free by testing. It is about the way your food is grown and handled. The whole system is linked Soil, Plants, Animals, Food, People and Environment 

Why Choose Organic?
  • Good for the soil
  • Good for the animals
  • Good for the environnment
  • Good for people
  • Organic tastes good
  • No synthetic chemicals - No GMO's
  • No BSE (mad cow disease)
Why Choose Certified Organic?
The only way customers can be assured that they are purchasing REAL ORGANIC products produced without the use of synthetic chemicals and GMO’s is to purchase products which have been organically certified.

The above information kindly supplied by Australian Certified Organic. The ACO is the certification arm of the Biological Farmers of Australia Co-op.


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