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Aloe Vera Uses
Health Benefits Received by Family and Animals

A Sixteen Year Aloe Vera Experience Shared

Wondering how you might benefit from using aloe vera?

  • Do you crave good health? Free of skin and digestive problems?
  • Do you love it when someone tells you your skin looks so healthy?
  • Do you dream of having enough energy (and wellness) to play with the kids or grandkids?
  • Do you want to wake up feeling refreshed rather than still stressed from the day before?
These are the real reasons I love using quality aloe vera supplements. Many people envy my good health and energy. They tell me they'd love to get off their heart pills, get rid of their arthritic knees and have folks mean it when they say - 'you don't look your age!'

Pure and potent aloe vera supplements will build your health.

This page demonstrates how aloe vera has helped our family and animals get healthy and stay healthy. Aloe vera supplements will help you too but only if they are quality.

A quality aloe vera supplement can improve your well-being just like it did for us. It wasn't always like this what with colds, asthma, allergies and the like (including a male's smelly feet!) Even although we ate sensibly and supplemented with the occasional multi-vitamins, annoying health problems refused to budge.

Maybe you or your animals are suffering from ailments like my family and animals did. Perhaps you've used, unknowingly, an inferior aloe vera product without noticeable improvement. I did, twice - now I know better!

How it all started: Stress and pressures of city life took its toll on our health and family life. Quitting the city and going rural was an easy decision in the end. Having come from a farming family my new farm life and business was a smooth transition.

My farming here in New Zealand consists of commercial calf raising - now in its 24th year. Thousands of calves have gone through my system plus many cows which provide the milk. 4 working dogs and 2 cats form part of 'the team.'

Animal Health is Important Too

Animals and aloe vera use: Just as human health benefits from a strong immune system so do animals. In 1992 a newspaper article about aloe vera improving dairy cows' health here in NZ caught my eye. 

It talked about better overall health meaning less lameness, fewer calving difficulties, healthier skin (yes, cows get eczema, ringworm and warts) and improved temperament. I commenced dosing them daily with a potent liquid aloe vera.

Their milk production increased (when I ran out of aloe vera their production decreased) plus they did become healthy meaning reduced vet visits. In fact, my vet asked if I was using another vet due to the lack of his veterinary services I was using! 

This got me thinking. Although it seemed expensive giving aloe vera to my cows the benefits far out-weighed the cost. 

  • No vet bills for months on end
  • more milk meant healthier calves 
  • cranky cows became placid and easier to work with 
  • injuries and health problems healed fast. (Note: my vet is always consulted with serious issues - I haven't quite made him redundant!)

Several quality aloe vera products such as gels, liquids and sprays have been used on all my animals often with outstanding results, some featured throughout this site. (More here about the aloe vera product I now use.)

After witnessing these animal health benefits I  introduced aloe vera to myself and family.

Numerous Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Use
Experienced by my Family

Is the health system in your country struggling to cope? Ours in New Zealand is. Waiting lists, staff shortages, local medical services reduced and other problems are common place these days. 

This makes me very determined to keep healthy and well away from 'the system' as long as possible and it's working. A healthy immune system (and not 'the health system') is my key!

Me and aloe vera use: In 24 years, not a day spent in bed ill. 3 yearly checkups with the doctor confirm my good health and fitness. I credit this mostly to my daily dose of aloe vera (or other immune system supplements when a safe and potent aloe vera was unavailable)

It began with drinking 30 mls daily. The only time the amount was increased was when colds or flu were threatening or if I needed an immune system boost due to stressful situations. This included exposure to sprays and chemicals.

After about a month I became very aware of increased energy. Red eyes and eczema, which had bothered me for years, disappeared. I slept better.

Lower back pain and neck pain caused problems in earlier years but not any more. Can you tilt your head right back painlessly? For most of my adult life I couldn't do this without discomfort. No pain these days! As my farm work load is quite physical occasionally the back pain starts to niggle but I just increase my dose and within 2 days the pain has usually disappeared. 16 years later - good health continues!

Family and aloe vera use: Members of my family and friends experienced renewed vigor, better sleep, loss of angina pains, palpitations and even troublesome haemarrhoids disappeared never to return.

My mum used aloe vera daily from age 73 to 85 and remained very fit and healthy. No aches and pains. She lived alone, managed a large garden and walked daily. She was free of colds and flu for years.

All Aloe Vera Products
Are Not Created Equal

As the quality of aloe products is important to me I emphasise that the health benefits of aloe vera use described on this page relate only to my experiences based initially on using the original 100% stabilised gel and more recently the 100% pure aloe vera supplement Aloeride®

This Aloeride® capsule contains pure, potent aloe vera powder which is easy to take, no bad taste like liquid aloe and easy to carry anywhere. Also certified by the IASC for your peace of mind as to purity, potency and effectiveness. After about 3 weeks of using I became aware of subtle improvements in my wellbeing. I didn't expect major changes as my immune system is well boosted these days however, Aloeride® maintains my healthy state inside and out.

A Short Story:

In the early days of using aloe vera products it became known in my farming district of the aloe vera health benefits my animals experienced. As a result I was visited by a person marketing a bulk 20 liter aloe vera to farmers. He asked for some of my success stories - in writing!

His aloe vera product did not display the % of aloe included and there was no way of knowing whether the original bioactive nutrients had been killed off during processing. In addition, to remain fresh once opened without refrigeration it would have needed synthetic chemical preservatives.

My success stories relate only to quality aloe vera products, not watered down versions. Therefore, under no circumstances, was I prepared to relate the health benefits of aloe vera use on my animals to a person marketing a totally different aloe vera product.

(Footnote: I doubt my cows would take kindly to a small Aloeride® capsule down their throats each day so they now have a liquid seaweed tonic in their water troughs instead!)


To Your Good Health!

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Treatment for Wasp Stings
Wasps are prolific where I live. Aloe vera relieves pain and swelling. I would also use aloe on a bumble bee sting, bee stings and even a jellyfish sting!

Sunburn Treatment
Painful sunburn and blisters have been relieved with topical application of aloe vera.

Treating Bruises
I immediately apply aloe vera which relieves pain and can prevent the bruise turning black.

Cat and Dog First Aid
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Aloe leaves

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