Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Healing From The Inside Out
That's How Aloeride® Aloe Vera Powder Capsules Work

Certified organic Aloe Vera Capsules  ...and how they will work for you too! Take Aloeride® internally and see the results externally. How come? Aloeride's treasure trove of potent, natural nutrients feed a suppressed immune system allowing the body to better heal itself - as nature originally intended.

Some Aloeride® Aloe Healing Benefits:-
  • Healthier skin - looks better, feels better. Skin problems arise not only from synthetic chemical ingredients in skincare products but a lack of nutrients from today's often neglected diets. Aloeride provides the balanced nutrients required daily. Healthy skin stays more moisturized and is less prone to sunburn. (Personally experienced)
  • Wounds heal faster - strong immune system means better healing 
  • Other health benefits of Aloeride potent aloe vera - improves digestive problems and well-being, antiviral means less colds, yeast and bacterial infections reduced, an anti-inflammatory and reduces itching.

The above benefits relate only to 100% pure, potent Aloeride. There is no guarantee of similar results when using other aloe products.

If you have arrived here from either my aloe vera use or aloe vera quality page you will already know I don't tolerate ineffective aloe vera products.

Those products which have misleading advertising or misrepresent their true quality. Like the watered down versions of aloe - the money wasters. Ineffective aloe products are wide spread. On the other hand...

Potent and Pure Aloe Vera Supplements Are Hard to Find

Having experienced real aloe vera healing power on humans and animals, over 16 years from pure and potent aloe vera use, I continue to be dismayed at the aloe vera products out there which just soak up your money and give you very little health benefits, if any.

It took several months of relentless searching earlier in 2008 for a 100% pure aloe vera supplement in capsule form rather than liquid. My previously used aloe vera products became unavailable and a replacement was needed. Also, this aloe vera use site was at 'death's door' hinging on finding a quality aloe product I'd be happy to use and recommend.

Most aloe products looked good, sounded good but deep digging for supporting facts (if they were available) found most would be next to useless as aloe vera health supplements.

It's no wonder confusion reigns as to what a customer is really buying. At the eleventh hour when my web hosting was due to finish, I found Aloeride®, the aloe vera powder capsules which initially looked too good to be true.

Aloeride® aloe vera powder capsules are true and they are quality. A little more about them and how they can make a difference to your health follows.

Aloeride Aloe Vera Supplement:
Maximum Potency Gives You More Sustained Health Benefits

Aloeride® is the only aloe vera supplement I have seen which actually delivers what research has shown aloe vera is capable of and what nature intended.

This is because it contains aloe vera's powerhouse of nutrients long recognized as being helpful in a wide range of internal and external conditions. Not only are all these nutrients in one capsule but the unadultered aloe vera used in Aloeride means they all work together. So what does this mean for you? Optimum health improvements.

Pure aloe vera nutrients are more effective when used together rather than individually. As the health of your immune system improves it enables your body to heal itself inside and out.

  • Health benefits fast - 100% pure and potent bio active ingredients (no heat used in processing which destroys active ingredients)
  • No reported allergic reactions - Aloeride is non-allergenic, has no fillers, binders or chemical preservatives
  • Totally safe to use - developed by doctors to pharmaceutical standards plus tested by independent and unbiased laboratories
  • No laxative effect - the anthraquinones which cause this have been removed unlike other aloe vera products.

Some people experience fast, obvious results. Others may notice small, gradual improvements like increasing energy and improved wellbeing. It depends what health problems you have and how healthy your immune system is. You might even notice you don't lose your glasses and other items so often - like I used to!

Aloeride® Testimonials

Don't take just my word. Listen to the health benefits others have received since using Aloeride®.

Deborah  52 - Housewife
Ross 43 - Factory Worker
Dr Mary Staggs - Doctor
Michael  51 - 

One Aloeride capsule is equivalent to 85mls of quality aloe vera drinking gel. 28 capsules per packet equivalent to 2.4 litres.

236% increase in every capsule's strength. Previously, each vegicapsule contained 180mg of certified organic aloe vera powder. (I still have an empty packet showing 180mg) Testimonials proved customers were noticing health benefits. Now, each Aloeride vegicapsule contains a whopping 426mg of aloe vera powder - that's extra strong!

It pays to give your system a minimum of 3 - 6 months to fully experience results. Afterall, it takes years for immune dysfunction to become apparent. Expecting a turn around in just 3 - 6 months is a big ask. However, Aloeride has the capability to produce health improvements sooner rather than later.

Aloeride® 2013 Sale
Varied Discounts From 10% to 20% on 2,3,4,5,6 Packs
(Best Buy - 6 Pack with 20% Discount and Free Worldwide Shipping)

  • Multi purpose capsules can be opened and mixed with pure water to drink or used as a topical spray or mouthwash. Must be used immediately as the liquid mix soon deteriorates. Can also be added to a cream for topical application. 
  • Lightweight - take anywhere - no refrigeration required.
  • Fast Delivery from UK or USA. eg. 6 months supply to New Zealand takes 5-6 days approximately.
Aloeride® 2013 Special Sale Prices still available. No guarantee they will continue. Use the following link - this makes sure you will get the discounted prices including the 6 pack (equates to 14.4 drinking gel) 20% off and free shipping.

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Aloe vera
Treatment for Wasp Stings
Wasps are prolific where I live. Aloe vera relieves pain and swelling. I would also use aloe on a bumble bee sting, bee stings and even a jellyfish sting!

Sunburn Treatment
Painful sunburn and blisters have been relieved with topical application of aloe vera.

Aloeride Sunday Post Article March 08
Written by a leading complementary health care practitioner in UK - Jan de Vries. He uses Aloeride in his clinic and has written about how Aloe Vera soothes the body inside and out.
Left click to open PDF file in a new window and then Save.

Also Bookmark this page for easy return to links which give up to 20% off Aloeride products.

Treating Bruises
I immediately apply aloe vera which relieves pain and can prevent the bruise turning black.

Cat and Dog First Aid
Aloe Vera sprays and gelly are my first line of attack in wound care management. Also helps eczema especially due to flea allergy. Treat the animal for fleas first though as eczema caused by a flea allergy is very common. More pet health information Here

Burn Treatment
Treating minor burns with aloe vera quickly relieves pain. As with wounds and abrasions the healing appears to increase compared to other treatments.

aloe leaves
Aloe leaves

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