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Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Products
Will Be Compromised
When Poor Quality Aloe Vera is Used

Raw Materials, Processing, Potency, Purity and Labeling Determine the Results You Will Get From
Your Aloe Vera Products

Add marketing hype to all this and it is no wonder confusion persists around aloe vera quality and its effectiveness. Other than ingredients required by law to be listed on labels there are no laws governing the quality of aloe in aloe vera  products.

This is much the same as using the term 'organic' - no law. Therefore 'organic' is often used to describe products with very little, if any, true organic content. 

Reasons Why Some Aloe Vera Products 
May Not Be As Effective 
As You Are Led To Believe

  • Aloe vera plants not grown organically - residues of pesticides and herbicides may be present. Cause allergic reactions in some people.
  • Aloe leaves harvested before maturity - only 3 to 4 year old aloe barbadensis leaves contain the optimum nutrients. Harvesting younger leaves reduces potency.  Unsuspecting aloe users then think aloe vera doesn't work.
  • Time between harvesting and processing too long - aloe leaves start to decompose. Chemicals may have been used to prevent further deterioration.
  • High heat used during processing - kills the bio-active ingredients causing the aloe to lose its potency.
  • Aloe diluted with water - you won't be told this. Unscrupulous operators look for quick dollars. You lose your money and gain NO health benefits. If it looks like water (maybe colored) or tastes like water it probably is! However, not all diluted aloe vera products are easy to detect and often require sophisticated lab testing. More confusion for consumers.
These are just a few reasons the quality and potency of aloe vera products will be compromised. What about the packaging, shipping and storage?
  • Is the aloe vera product packaged to keep sun and light out?
  • Does it have a guarantee and use-by date?
  • Has it been stored away from heat including direct sun?
Labels on Aloe Vera Products
Also Cause  Concern About
Aloe Vera Purity and Quality

Labelling laws require all ingredients be listed on product labels. They must appear with the highest content ingredient listed first and the lowest content ingredient will appear at the end.
  • Example 1 - water shows as the first ingredient and aloe vera extract is the last. This means the product is nearly all water with a miniscule amount of aloe and possibly of dubious quality.
  • Example 2 - aloe vera is listed first. Sounds perfect but, is it gel, juice, concentrated or a watered down version of aloe? Was its quality preserved by correct processing?
  • Example 3 - all ingredients may be listed correctly but if the product contains synthetic chemical ingredients as well these may reduce the the aloe's effectiveness plus cause allergic reactions in some people.
All is not lost even although laws determining aloe vera quality do not exist. There is a solution.

Purity of Aloe Vera Is Guaranteed 
When Certified By International Aloe Science Council 

The IASC was formed by ethical aloe industries to set standards for growing aloe vera, processing it and the quality used in finished aloe vera products - in other words, protecting the integrity of products made with aloe vera. 

IASC members must have their:-

  • raw materials re-certified annually
  • finished products re-certified annually. (All finished products are analytically tested by independent laboratories)
  • processing facilities inspected and re-certified every 3 years

IASC requires a minimum of 15% IASC certified aloe in finished products. When the above conditions are met you will find aloe vera products displaying the IASC Certified Seal of Approval signifying content, quality and purity.


  1. Look for the IASC Certified Seal of Approval on finished aloe vera products.
  2. Double check they are still certified by IASC here. You will also find products no longer certified, due to non compliance here. (Be prepared for some surprises)
  3. Information on Aloeride® 100% pure aloe vera supplement which you can trust. (It is on the IASC certified list under SANTÉ FRANGLAIS LTD)

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Treatment for Wasp Stings
Wasps are prolific where I live. Aloe vera relieves pain and swelling. I would also use aloe on a bumble bee sting, bee stings and even a jellyfish sting! 

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Treating Bruises
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Burn Treatment
Treating burns, both minor and major, with aloe vera quickly relieves pain. As with wounds and abrasions the healing appears to increase compared to other treatments.

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